About CariBeat

Founded in 2006 by Luis and Monique McSween, a husband and wife from the Caribbean, CariBeat produces world-class, gourmet, Caribbean-fusion food products.

When the McSweens migrated to the United States, they felt the need to bring their love for unity and diversity to the US. Having grown-up in a culturally, socially, and ethnically diverse region, the McSweens learnt, first hand, about the power of food to bring people together. We have seen how sharing a meal, cooking together, even eating in the same location, can breakdown barriers, dismantle misperceptions, and connect people, regardless of age, race, gender, affiliation, or belief. 

There's one thing that we all truly have in common - WE ALL EAT!

That's why CariBeat's product lines represent true diversity, including the Latino, Indian, African, and Asian culinary influences, that can be found in the beautiful islands of the Caribbean region.

Our mission - "Real Unity". We bring real people together, in sharing, connection, relationship, laughter, conversation - through food.